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Nuclear Regulations and the IAEA

The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) is the UN Agency tasked with securing the peaceful use of nuclear technology, embodying a commitment to fostering international cooperation, nuclear safety, security, and non-proliferation.


Established in 1957 as an autonomous international organisation under the United Nations umbrella, the IAEA serves as the world's central hub for promoting the safe and secure application of nuclear science and technology. With a mandate spanning nuclear energy, nuclear safety, nuclear security, and safeguards against proliferation, the IAEA plays a pivotal role in supporting its member states in harnessing the benefits of nuclear technology while mitigating associated risks, thus contributing to global peace, health, and sustainable development.


The IAEA recognises the potential of FNPPs to address the energy needs of a rapidly developing world. Nuclear mobility of floating nuclear power offers flexibility, enabling power generation in remote coastal areas or during natural disasters, contributing to energy security and stability.


As FNPP technology evolves, the IAEA facilitates dialogue, provides guidance, and support to member states in evaluating the feasibility, safety, and regulatory aspects of deploying floating nuclear power plants, striving for a balanced approach that ensures the safe and secure utilisation of nuclear energy to meet global energy demands.


NEMO will work with Nuclear Regulators and key stakeholders to ensure that a robust and appropriate set of standards are developed for nuclear energy in the marine environment.

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