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NEMO's membership is drawn from a broad mix of both maritime and nuclear industries, blending expertise, innovation and a steadfast dedication to safety and environmental stewardship to ensure that a robust and appropriate regulatory pathway can be built to enable a potential range of novel atomic technologies to take their place in the future in tackling climate change.


As a member of NEMO, your organisation can participate at the vanguard of developments in shaping standards and regulations for floating nuclear technology solutions.

Members also benefit from the following:

  • Participation in technical & regulatory working groups, helping to consult with other members at NGOs represented at Government, Flag State and International organisations.

  • Learning from other experts.

  • Taking part in NEMO's in-person events.

  • Taking part in NEMO webinars for updates on key topics.

  • Regular email updates on how standards, rules and regulations are developing for floating nuclear power solutions.

  • Participation in forums organised with maritime and nuclear industry organisations.


Membership is open to Companies and Organizations with an interest in floating nuclear power. You can elect to either become Full or Associate members.


To get started, please contact the Secretariat using the form below, or by emailing

The following companies are current members of NEMO.

Full Member Directory

Associate Member Directory

Interested in embarking on this journey?

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