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Maritime Regulations and the IMO

The IMO, shipping's overall regulatory body, recognises the urgency to reduce the industry's environmental footprint, and decarbonisation efforts have emerged as a cornerstone of its strategic vision.


Nuclear’s near-zero emissions profile and the prospect of providing a stable clean power source for a wide range of applications have sparked interest in its viability for use at sea.


Early rules and frameworks are already in place around maritime nuclear. SOLAS Chapter 8 and the Safety Code for Nuclear Merchant Ships – Res A.491.Xii was ratified by the IMO in 1981. The time has come for a review of that Code to make it relevant for maritime in the 21st century.


A functional connection between the work of the IMO and the IAEA will become increasingly important in the coming years to foster appropriate development of floating nuclear technology, as a key solution to decarbonising both ocean transport and heavy industry.


NEMO will work with Maritime Regulators, Class Societies and Insurers to ensure that current standards are tailored to allow floating nuclear power to operate at sea, offshore, in ports and in nearshore environments.


NEMO is open to membership from all stakeholders in this new industrial market.

Interested in embarking on this journey?

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