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NEMO's mission is to help national and international regulators create appropriate future-oriented standards and rules for the deployment, operation and decommissioning of floating nuclear power.


As an international membership organisation, NEMO will seek to provide expert guidance to nuclear and maritime regulators represented at the International Maritime Organisation (IMO) and the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA).

Our focus will be to help close the gap between existing regulations for both the nuclear and maritime industries.

1. Nuclear Regulation – Working with Nuclear Regulators and key stakeholders to ensure that a robust and appropriate set of standards are developed for nuclear energy in the marine environment.

2. Maritime Regulation – Working with Maritime Regulators, Class Societies, and Insurers to ensure that current standards are tailored to allow floating nuclear power to operate at sea, offshore, in ports and in nearshore environments.

3. Outreach – To inform and educate stakeholders about the challenges, benefits and opportunities offered by floating nuclear power in decarbonising heavy industry and transport.

Interested in embarking on this journey?

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