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Modernising the regulatory ecosystem for nuclear-powered ships

14 May 2024

In one of WNN's recent "Viewpoint" Articles, the Vice Chairman of NEMO Mikal Bøe sets out a potential path for regulatory development to enable uptake of new nuclear technology in the maritime sphere.

According to Bøe, the shipping industry is now poised to tackle the dual challenges of achieving global climate targets and increasing energy efficiency thanks to the development of advanced nuclear technology. Nuclear at sea is proven to be effective. More than 700 reactors have been deployed on and under the oceans, withstanding the challenging conditions of the world's rough seas.

However, because current reactor technologies are not suitable for civilian maritime transportation, there are currently very few commercial ships powered by nuclear energy in operation.

Bøe's article summarises both the three most important criteria that will define a future class of "marine-appropriate" reactors, as well as a trio of interwoven challenges that require solutions in order to update the 'ecosystem' of rules that apply to nuclear-powered merchant ships.

To read the whole article, click here.

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