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Head of IAEA calls for a "clear roadmap" for maritime nuclear

17 May 2024

Nick Brown, the head of Lloyd's Register, met with Grossi this week and afterwards the Director General of the IAEA took to LinkedIn where he stated;

"We expect to see further advancements, including in the maritime sector to decarbonise shipping—a key objective of the International Maritime Organization. As the world increasingly turns to nuclear for sustainable development.
However, for nuclear energy to become a viable option to reduce commercial shipping's 3% contribution to global greenhouse gas emissions, a clear roadmap is essential."

He went on to confirm how "international collaboration" will be key to those efforts and that within the framework of the United Nations, the IAEA is an independent international institution which intends to play its part.

In this context, NEMO, which intends to support nuclear and maritime regulators in the establishment of appropriate standards and regulations for the deployment, operation, and decommissioning of nuclear energy facilities, will play a crucial role, and includes Rafael Grossi's hosts in this exchange - Lloyd's Register - as one of its founding members.

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